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This is a mission-pack for Motherland Calls mod consisting of 9 independent missions which are all playable from the German perspective.

The Other Side addon for Motherland Calls mod will offer you an opportunity to play some of the battles known from Motherland Call, but this time from the perspective of the other side - Germany and its allies. This is further expanded by also offering you other completely new battles in this mission-pack too.


Run the otherside.exe setup file and point the install destination to your.../Blitzkrieg/Run/Mods/Motherland/data folder. After the installation process is complete, run the game, load Motherland Calls mod (Options > Load Mod) and you will then find all the add-on missions under New Game > Custom Game > Custom Missions.

Each Other Side mission name begins with "MC" (as an affiliation to Motherland Calls), then it follows with "GER" (player side) and first row ends with the date of the battle (in format year/month). The second row contains the name of the mission itself.
This way lets you play the missions either in timeline as they happened in real life, or simply in whatever order you prefer.


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