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Motherland Calls is a Soviet campaign composed of 29 missions arranged to 11 chapters. It covers various battles from the Soviet invasion of Poland in September 1939 till the battle of Berlin in April 1945.

- The campaign also contains plenty of new units and has a modified gameplay. Therefore, it is made as a MOD and has to be loaded first.

- To find out, how to run the campaign, which new units and gameplay changes it contains and what you will need to be able to play it, see the rest of this readme file...

Motherland Calls is another epic grand-campaign mod for Blitzkrieg made by GordonCZ. You will re-fight World War 2 in Europe as a Soviet commander now. Motherland Calls grand-campaign mod with integrated v1.2 patch. Also game-files were polished and optimized in this installer.


Run the motherland-calls.exe setup file and point the install destination to your.../Blitzkrieg/Run/Mods/Motherland folder.

After the installation process is complete, run the game and load Motherland Calls mod (Options > Load Mod). Then go to New Game > Custom Game > Custom Campaigns and select "Motherland Calls v1.0" in the popup window.

ATTENTION: Due to a bug in Blitzkrieg game, an incorrect campaign (German) will be started at this point. To overcome this problem and run Motherland Calls campaign as needed, do the following:

  1. exit this started German campaign
  2. you will then see a menu screen with three campaigns available
  3. select "Motherland Calls" from the list and you can play.

It is recommended to save the game after this step because all savegames are always loaded properly (this strange bug occurs only when a new custom campaign is started, so it does not affect savegames at all).

Note: This small bug is caused by a drawback in Blitzkrieg game itself, not by the campaign failure (so it cannot be fixed otherwise than by this workaround).


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