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MultiModSwitcher MultiModSwitcher Beliebt

Release notes on MultiModSwitcher v1.05 for Sudden Strike.

Fixes in this version relates only to SSRW, features upgrade relates to both.

Install: Point to the directory where SS2 or SS:RW is installed and press install. A desktop icon will appear. If you want to install for both SS2 and SSRW, you need two installations.
Do you get a error at first startup or after upgrade, always press "fix config" on main form, as first bugfix try. If error continues, test you have installed in correct directory and finally ask for help on :) your not alone (!)

-- Notes on SCB questions ---

If you have any SightCheatBusta questions goto :

The SCB tool is included as is and there is no support. It is used as example of launching external tools with MMS.

-- Notes on language support --

most languages are supported and English is default. to change language to for instance german,russian or chinese press the 'language-name' on the lower right corner of main menu. a combo box will appear where you select your language and press "select and restart".

Languages supported in MMS105 : Danish, Dutch, Elmer Fudd, English, French, GD_Speak, German, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Finnish, Swedish and template_english (used for making new languages).


Erstelldatum 15.11.2011
Version 1.05
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