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Ein russisches Entwicklerteam hat einen neuen MOD veröffentlicht.

Die Wahrheit des Krieges.

noch im frühen Statium, doch wer will kann sich die Vollversion, die auf der SS-RW Engine beruht, herunterladen.


Attention! Attention! Attention!

RWG-team announces the release of RWG Truth of War ver 0.6. The game is dedicated to the events of World War II and set up on the engine of Sudden Strike Resource War. The new version of the mod has absorbed all the best from its progenitor and is a completely new product, which added a huge number of new units, objects, buildings, and many other changes.

Here is just a short list of them:

- 99% of ground and air units received new graphics;
- Added a lot of new infantry;
- Introduced the cavalry;
- Added many new missions;
- Redesigned gameplay;
- The total number of different units reached 800;
- Added more than 700 new authentic sounds;
- Completely revised review and shooting range, as well as the accuracy of all types of weapons.


Without false modesty, we declare that the new game is a unique database on the armament and equipment of the Second World War.
We invite all who are interested history of the Second World War and strategy games to join the glorious army of fans and admirers of RWG.

DOWNLOAD THE RWG Truth of War, and join the movement of fans RWG on our forum and our group, as well as keep an eye on our news and updates in the official Team blog

 Installation Package  (660 Mb):

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Download (ca 660MB) (Downloadlink aktualisiert)

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